Attica Oggi is a services company focused on the digital production of decorative murals for architectural and interior design projects. We’re a group of professionals with over 32 years experience in the production and service of products, focused on decoration and construction projects worldwide.


In Attica Oggi we provide products and services focused on interior decoration. Our aim is to dress your dreams, using digital technology. We mainly work on a ceramic base, but we can also use other media depending on the needs and special features of the project. We are able to provide all the necessary digital decorative resources in interior decoration and architectural projects, and capture artistic decorations which add more beauty to our environment and daily life.


We provide unique decorative experiences through digital printing and with our products and services. We are able to bring art into our everyday lives and enjoy it with sublime works. As well detailed in the product section, we are able to meet the different decorative needs in all kinds of decoration projects, both indoors and outdoors. We provide independent works by world-renowned artists and use their work digitally to decorate our interiors and dreams. We also provide the basic product needed for high quality decoration of our environment, such as bathrooms, lounges, etc.


And as a personalized service, we provide the digital printed product which the customer needs. In addition, we offer advice service for the choice, use and placement of the digital product to be used